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Business and Political Trends in Japan and China Research Paper

Business and Political Trends in Japan and China - Research Paper Example   Among the biggest complaints that Japan’s trading partners have made over the years is that its domestic market is not as competitive as it should be. This assertion has been found to be true especially when one considers that the Japanese government is partly responsible for this lack of competition within its market. The Japanese government has adopted such hindering policies as the imposition of high tariffs as well as heavy regulations which have ensured that it is extremely difficult for other countries to conduct business within Japan (Mito & Sakurada, 2003). In addition, the extremely concentrated nature of the Japanese market has led to a situation where it is very difficult for companies from other countries to place their products within it which can effectively compete with domestic products; a factor which is essentially discouraging for foreign investors. It is mainly because of the abovementioned situations that it has become necessary for the Japanese govern ment to put in place those policies which not only encourage the deregulation of its markets but also works towards the development of stronger antitrust laws that aid all the businesses that operate within its economy. While it has been argued that the Japanese market is concentrated, this situation has come to be alleviated over the years as it has been reported that when compared to the market of the United States, the Japanese market has become less concentrated while that of the latter has essentially remained the same.   

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Contemporary issues in business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Contemporary issues in business - Essay Example Countries with citizens who still have problems in meeting basic needs like food, clothing, and housing are an ideal testing ground for the comprehension of Bottom of Pyramid. The most challenging issue to this strategy is defining those people who are said to be at the base of the pyramid, as there are those who earn less than two dollars a day, and there are those who earn slightly higher than two dollars a day, but are still languishing in poverty. Many companies especially the multinational corporations invest on Bottom of Pyramid, so as to lift the lives of billions of people out of poverty and desperations that seem to continue, if the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. For example, the Unilever Company is one of the companies that have adopted the Bottom of Pyramid as a corporate strategy. Many CEOs have come to look at this strategy with a new lens (Prahalad, 2010). There is some evidence that can be used to prove that the innovations in the Bottom of the P yramid can and have resulted to profitable business. Business leaders, who have adopted the Bottom of Pyramid strategy, have started to re-examine and see the role of business in the society. This strategy has provided a platform for global innovations, which have a lot of implications in the world of business today. Therefore, though the Bottom of Pyramid has its own shortcomings, it is a very important strategy that most organizations can adopt (Prahalad, 2010). What is â€Å"Bottom of Pyramid?† There have been many discussions on the concept of ‘Bottom of Pyramid’ in business today and no precise definition has been put forward to define the concept. However, this concept was originally introduced â€Å"to draw attention to the 1-5 billion poor, who are unserved or underserved by the large organized private sector including multinational firms† (Prahalad, 2010, p. 6). The main aim of the Bottom of Pyramid is to ensure that the rich, who are the ones occ upying the top of the pyramid would be sensitized to help those who are less fortunate, and who are the majority occupying the base of the pyramid. Kazmi defines it as a strategy that "refers to exploiting the opportunities that are believed to be available in serving the poorer sections of the society and also serving social objectives† (2008, p. 207). Cited in Donohue, 2009. The above diagram is a representation of the rich occupying the top of the pyramid being the very few, and the poor occupying the base being the majority. In other words, it is a representation of how income in the world is distributed (Donohue, 2009). Thus, the Bottom of Pyramid refers to that population that leaves below the poverty line. How does the B.O.P Strategy Work? The term Bottom of Pyramid is said to be a relative term; it focuses on the strategies that companies can start to serve the populations, rather than un-serving and underserving them. When people say it is a relative term, it means th at, a person living at the Bottom Pyramid in China is different from someone living at the Bottom Pyramid in Somalia, though both are seen as living at the BOP, but in different contexts (Prahalad, 2010). This strategy also focuses on serving with approaches that are more profitable and relevant for application towards the bottom of the pyramid population. The debate on this issue will definitely continue before a very precise definitio

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Anita Brenner :: Essays Papers

Anita Brenner In 1905 Anita Brenner was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Her parents left Mexico in 1910 when the Mexican Revolution started. Anita was educated in the United States but never forgot the homeland that she loved. Anita's family moved back and forth from Mexico to Texas during the revolution, and then in 1916 they permanently settled in Texas. Anita understood what it was to be displaced from her homeland in times of war. Anita was of Jewish decent, her father had immigrated from Russia in the late 1880's her father and mother met in Chicago then moved to Aguascalientes. Even though she was not of Mexican decent she always considered herself to be Mexican. Her greatest influence of the Mexican culture was her nanny, Nana Serpia. The Mexican Revolution was something that happened when Brenner was very young but it continued to shape her for the rest of her life. Brenner wrote several books but Idols Behind Altars and The Wind that Swept Mexico were influential and publicly acclaimed. B renner also established a publication in 1955 called "Mexico"/ This Month. Brenner spent all of her years writing about Mexico its art, history, and culture. Anita Brenner loved Mexico and spent her life trying to teach mostly an American audience what Mexico was really about. Idols Behind Altars was Anita Brenner first book. It was about that arts and culture of Mexico. In the Introduction to the book Brenner wrote of the historical significance of the Mexican Revolution and what it was meant to accomplish. She wrote of the treachery of the ruling class and of the humble beginnings of the revolution. She wrote that, But the high-voltage current that blew up the works was the brutal and insolent disparity between money and position granted the native technician or professional man --the man of brains and cultivation -- vis-a-vis his foreign counterpart. This devaluation on the basis of, not exactly color, not exactly race, but the same thing really, cooked and rankled and set working the consciousness of skilled men thoroughly aware of their own capacities. They and people like them were among the most effective organizers of 1910-24. (into. 2 idols) This is how Anita Brenner described the people that started the revolution. She believed that the Revolution was bound to happen because of the way the land owners and politicians were running the government.

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Jay’s Treaty Essay

‘’Jay’s Treaty’’ Jay’s Treaty is an agreement between John Jay, U. S. chief justice, special envoy, and William Grenville, a British foreign secretary. Signed in London, England, on November 19, 1794, and ratified by the U. S. Congress in 1795 the Treaty settled disagreements and distress between the United States and Great Britain. Both countries had unresolved issues remaining since violations occurred from the Treaty of Paris of 1783. England refused to evacuate the frontier forts in the Northwest Territory; and in addition seized American ships forcing American soldiers to participate in England’s war with France. The United States passed navigation laws that were to potentially damage England. It was because the commercial war between the U. S. and England that it was no question that both countries would suffer economically from the lack of trade. It was apparent that the American economies health would cripple especially because the war. John Jay then went to England to negotiate disagreements between the two countries. With the signing of the Treaty, the regulation of commerce and navigation were underway. Jay’s Treaty made it possible for American ships to trade with both England and France. The Treaty also allowed for the United States to have trading concessions in England and the British East Indies, along with access to the Mississippi River with Britain’s consent of course. Without Jay’s Treaty America would have suffered economic wise deeply from lack of trade and would have a serious loss of mobility with ships. Exported goods were and still are a major factor in America. Not only did the Treaty help avert war, but it also helped in solving several issues left over from the Revolutionary War. Last but not least the Treaty opened and sustained 10 years of peaceful trade despite being in the midst of the French Revolutionary Wars.

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The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication - 1091 Words

Have you ever taken into consideration how your intrapersonal communication has an impact on your interpersonal communication? Our interpersonal communication is communication that strives us to create and maintain relationships with others in our life. My interpersonal communication is solely based on my self-concept, self-image, how I perceive myself, my bad and good qualities, and my non-verbal communication. My expectations about myself or my self-concept influences how I communicate with others around me. It is stated that â€Å"the term self-concept is a general term used to refer to how someone thinks about, evaluates or perceives themselves† (Mcleod, 2008). I tend to be someone that is very hard on myself, and often dissatisfied if I†¦show more content†¦This is something that I have been working on for a long time, as it is something that takes time and is difficult to overcome. Lately, I have realized how much self-image has taken over my life and the tolls that it has been taking on my life and my relationships with others. The way that I see myself is how I think that others see me. I see myself as shy, annoying, in the way of others, and usually a disappointment. Having low self-image constantly causes me to question whether I am good enough for the people I associate with every day, my job, my school, and often times I set unrealistic goals for myself that are u nable to be achieved. Therefore, often times I overlook all of the compliments that I receive and only focus on the criticisms that I get, because to me the criticisms overpower the compliments. I often perceive myself through the eyes of other people. Nowadays, many people meet others through social media such as Facebook or Instagram and talk via texting. For me, I am someone that can easily communicate through texting as I do not have to worry about what others are thinking about me. Since I tend to overthink every little thing, meeting new people is something that I have a hard time doing. I feel that people will not like me in person as I tend to be very shy when first meeting people. I view myself how I think others will see me, and I fear that they will think that I am annoying or clingy, however I just want to be accepted. This isShow MoreRelatedThe Importance of Interpersonal Communication1186 Words   |  5 Pages------------------------------------------------- The Impact of Interpersonal Communication for Startup Business in TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY ------------------------------------------------- English for Academic Purpose Naimy Zam Zam / Corporate Communication / 13.013 Abstract This research proposal contains the analysis about interpersonal communication in startup business The Impact of Interpersonal Communication in Startup Businesses Introduction These days, there are so many startupRead MoreImportance Of Interpersonal Communication996 Words   |  4 PagesTaking this Interpersonal Communication course has opened my eyes to the importance of effective communication as it relates to relationships. The information that I’ve learned has inspired me to take a deeper look into how I communicate with my husband. It has also provided an understanding regarding the differences in how he and I communicate. The communication style that I use is expressive, the style he uses is instrumental. He also interprets communication different than myself. I ve also noticedRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1480 Words   |  6 PagesSince this process is ongoing and always changing, when we enter an interpersonal communication exchange, we are entering an event with no definable beginning or ending, and one that is irreversible. An important piece of interpersonal communication to consider is that the words said to on e another are final and cannot be simply â€Å"taken back†. This is known as the principle of irreversibility which means that what we say to others cannot be reversed. Unfortunately, life does not come with a remoteRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1741 Words   |  7 Pages(2013) defines interpersonal communication as â€Å"person-to-person conversation; it’s an exchange that occurs through dialogue between two people or through discussion among several, with participation by everyone involved.† (p. 134). Because interpersonal communication involves two or more individuals, it stands vital for manager to hold the skill of listening. It is this authors supposition that if a manager is willing to make a conscious effort to improve this major communication skill, then theirRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1316 Words   |  6 PagesCommunication is vital to the survival of humanity. Without communication, people tend towa rds insanity, desperately craving human interaction. Yet many, including myself, are uninterested in learning the ways of communication: how it works, how to communicate well, and how to listen well. Interpersonal communication is â€Å"†¦a transactional process involving participants who occupy different environments and create meaning and relationships through the exchange of messages,† (Adler 12). CommunicationRead MoreImportance Of Interpersonal Communication1539 Words   |  7 Pages Interpersonal communication is a face-to-face interaction, something we all do in our daily lives. Even though everyone communicates, we all do it differently and at different degrees of experiences. Not everyone will be perfectionists at communicating and socializing, but there is always room for improvement to slowly build your way up and become more efficient and competent. If you are anything like me, I consider myself an advanced communicator under certain circumstances. I tend to communicateRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1038 Words   |  5 PagesInterpersonal communication can be seen everywhere is vas locations, and is needed for relationships and the idea of yourself. In life, communication becomes very vital in continuing and maintaining these relationships, and having the ability at a competent level is a necessity.   When it comes to communication you’re either good at it or not as good, but there is always room for improvement. Interpersonal communication skills are learned behaviors that can be improved through knowledge, practiceRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1032 Words   |  5 PagesCommunication is the behaviours, whether they be verbal or non-verbal, that one individual perceives from another (Judith Dwyer, 2016). The efficient communication between a sender and receiver plays a crucial role between organisations and personal use as it allows us as communicators, to comprehend the fundame ntals and processes which flow from the sender, to the receiver to ensure a dynamic and clear communication is achieved. Effective communication plays a crucial role in the delivering of messagesRead MoreThe Importance of Studying Interpersonal Communication913 Words   |  4 PagesInterpersonal communication is an important day-to-day life skill that many people may go their entire life without formally learning about. Interpersonal communication is the communication between two or more people who are sending and receiving verbal or nonverbal language back and forth. The opportunity to study it at a college level is very important in that it can give you a more refined insight into how it works without needing to breeze over or amend certain segments for the audience. WithoutRead MoreThe Art Of Communication : The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1933 Words   |  8 Pagesaudiences. Thru these spectators, we become reliant on each other, to unfold the world around us. We all learn the art of communication through an overlapping set of conceptual elements. It’s a story as old as time; as our existence evolves, so does the way we communicate. Hence the ever-growing grey area of rhetoric and its tendency of it turning 50 shades darker. Since, communication is a multifaceted process, there are bound to be breakdowns along the way. Specifically, how an individual chooses

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Police Brutality Within The African American Community

Asad Bidiwala RHE 306 August 13, 2015 Police Brutality within the African-American Community The specific audience of my argumentation is the racially ignorant white populations that refuse to acknowledge the idea that police brutality towards the African-American race is evident amongst our society. The racially ignorant white population assumes that police brutality is used as a defense mechanism rather than an appeal to racism towards African-Americans. This hostile audience becomes uncomfortable when asked to discuss police brutality towards the minorities and would rather disregard or ignore the conversation. Thus, they may not initially agree with my arguments because it might be difficult for them to comprehend the idea that African-Americans are being subjected to racial cruelty. My goal is to persuade the ignorant white populations about police brutality amongst African-Americans so they become more aware and can help support the abolishment of the cruelty minorities are faced with. Some people refuse to believe that police brutality exists towards the African-American culture. But, how can you ignore that? How do you ignore the multiple cases of Blacks being gunned downed by the police just because of their color? The more that the racially ignorant White population disregard the severity of the issue, the more I feel obligated to address it. The abrupt actions and misjudgment of situations provide reasons to how police brutality is existent towards theShow MoreRelatedPolice Brutality And The United States Essay1408 Words   |  6 PagesPolice brutality in the United States has escalated in recent times. To develop a peaceful environment amongst human beings, one of the main topics to look at is human rights. While more often than not, police brutality violates the concept of human rights it is still a very important task to discuss the topic and create possible solutions to such a concerning and threatening issues in the United States. In this case, statistic s is a very important factor that is required to display how serious ofRead MoreThe Violence Of Police Brutality907 Words   |  4 Pagesit is crucial to note that police brutality is not synonymous to racism against a particular group. However, there is a stigma that police often racially profile a specific African Americans. In February 2015, two cases of police brutality did not involve African Americans; instead the two victims were a Hispanic shot and killed in Washington State and an Indian-American severely paralyzed in Alabama. Even with this considered, of late, a majority of police brutality cases have involved minoritiesRead MorePutting An End Of Mass Criminalization967 Words   |  4 Pagesan End to Mass Criminalization A police officer is a law enforcement official whose job is to protect and serve the people, not to abuse their power. Due to the fact that the U.S is consisted of many different races and ethnic groups, the ongoing conflict between police officers and citizens of color is at a constant rise. Although policies today no longer directly target those of colors, the policies applied by law enforcements in African-Americans communities are discriminating. Officers sometimesRead MorePsychology Is Everywhere You Look957 Words   |  4 Pages Psychology is everywhere you look (Caldwell 2014). It can be found within TV shows, music, sports, and even society. The textbook, Exploring Psychology, begins to explore the social, cognitive, and emotional roots of prejudice within society (545). Prejudice has remained a huge obstacle throughout world history. With the recent murders of unarmed African American men, the aspect of police brutality begins to relate back to prejudice. According to Jes se Holland of the Associated Press, the recentRead MoreUse Of Handheld Cameras Changed The Way Of Police915 Words   |  4 PagesThe use of smartphone cameras changed the way that police were perceived as well. Accusations of police brutality could now be supported with video evidence instead of just a victim’s word against an officer. While filming police during stops and quality-of-life policing can hold the officer accountable in incidents of police brutality, cell phone video footage doesn’t always tell the whole story. In August, two Kansas police officers came under scrutiny after a 36 second video was posted on socialRead MorePolice Brutality And The United States1479 Words   |  6 Pages Police Brutality in the United States University of Nebraska Kearney Colton Blankenship Abstract This research paper is an overview of police brutality in the United States. The paper covers what police brutality is and the definition. The information about police brutality is expanded about what is reasonable and excessive use of force an officer can use. Information is included about the thoughts of what the citizens feel about police brutality. Among the white andRead MoreThe Issues Of The African Americans1155 Words   |  5 Pagesface being Black in America? How can you justify being followed around a store while constantly being harassed by questions? I myself and millions of other African Americans face this dilemma on a daily basis. This paper will effectively document the occurrences African Americans face daily as well as provide ways to positively impact my community. 2016 was a very arduous year for blacks in America. Firstly, it is important to recognize the link between poverty and the lack of jobs. Sadly, as weRead MoreThe Problem Of Police Brutality1646 Words   |  7 Pages One of the biggest problems that plague America is police brutality. The job of the police is to protect the community they’re assigned to work in, from any illegal activity that occurs. However, there are officers who believe they are above the law. Police brutality has been a political oppression that has been occurring more many years. There’s been many cases of excessive force towards innocent civilians by an officer that has sparked a national outrage. Stephan Lendman of Media with ConscienceRead MoreAfrican Americans Have Been Victims Of Crime Since The 1700s1507 Words   |  7 Pages#BLACKLIVESMATTER African-Americans have been victims of crime since the 1600s: the beginning of slavery in the U.S. During slavery, African-Americans’ were treated unfairly because they were thought to be inferior. Although slavery ended some time ago, African- Americans are still being treated poorly, because some people still believe blacks are inferior. Unfortunately many of these people work for law enforcement. This causes fear among the African-American community, especially African American males. TheRead MorePolice Brutality And The Police Essay940 Words   |  4 Pages Police brutality refers to the use of excessive force against a civilian. The controversies that surround the topic of police brutality relate to different definitions and expectations over what is meant by excessive force. Indeed, police officers are expressly authorized to use necessary, reasonable force to perform their duties. As Jerome Skolnick, an influential police scholar in the United States, underscores: â€Å"as long as members of society do not comply with the law and resist the police, force