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The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication - 1091 Words

Have you ever taken into consideration how your intrapersonal communication has an impact on your interpersonal communication? Our interpersonal communication is communication that strives us to create and maintain relationships with others in our life. My interpersonal communication is solely based on my self-concept, self-image, how I perceive myself, my bad and good qualities, and my non-verbal communication. My expectations about myself or my self-concept influences how I communicate with others around me. It is stated that â€Å"the term self-concept is a general term used to refer to how someone thinks about, evaluates or perceives themselves† (Mcleod, 2008). I tend to be someone that is very hard on myself, and often dissatisfied if I†¦show more content†¦This is something that I have been working on for a long time, as it is something that takes time and is difficult to overcome. Lately, I have realized how much self-image has taken over my life and the tolls that it has been taking on my life and my relationships with others. The way that I see myself is how I think that others see me. I see myself as shy, annoying, in the way of others, and usually a disappointment. Having low self-image constantly causes me to question whether I am good enough for the people I associate with every day, my job, my school, and often times I set unrealistic goals for myself that are u nable to be achieved. Therefore, often times I overlook all of the compliments that I receive and only focus on the criticisms that I get, because to me the criticisms overpower the compliments. I often perceive myself through the eyes of other people. Nowadays, many people meet others through social media such as Facebook or Instagram and talk via texting. For me, I am someone that can easily communicate through texting as I do not have to worry about what others are thinking about me. Since I tend to overthink every little thing, meeting new people is something that I have a hard time doing. I feel that people will not like me in person as I tend to be very shy when first meeting people. I view myself how I think others will see me, and I fear that they will think that I am annoying or clingy, however I just want to be accepted. This isShow MoreRelatedThe Importance of Interpersonal Communication1186 Words   |  5 Pages------------------------------------------------- The Impact of Interpersonal Communication for Startup Business in TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY ------------------------------------------------- English for Academic Purpose Naimy Zam Zam / Corporate Communication / 13.013 Abstract This research proposal contains the analysis about interpersonal communication in startup business The Impact of Interpersonal Communication in Startup Businesses Introduction These days, there are so many startupRead MoreImportance Of Interpersonal Communication996 Words   |  4 PagesTaking this Interpersonal Communication course has opened my eyes to the importance of effective communication as it relates to relationships. The information that I’ve learned has inspired me to take a deeper look into how I communicate with my husband. It has also provided an understanding regarding the differences in how he and I communicate. The communication style that I use is expressive, the style he uses is instrumental. He also interprets communication different than myself. I ve also noticedRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1480 Words   |  6 PagesSince this process is ongoing and always changing, when we enter an interpersonal communication exchange, we are entering an event with no definable beginning or ending, and one that is irreversible. An important piece of interpersonal communication to consider is that the words said to on e another are final and cannot be simply â€Å"taken back†. This is known as the principle of irreversibility which means that what we say to others cannot be reversed. Unfortunately, life does not come with a remoteRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1741 Words   |  7 Pages(2013) defines interpersonal communication as â€Å"person-to-person conversation; it’s an exchange that occurs through dialogue between two people or through discussion among several, with participation by everyone involved.† (p. 134). Because interpersonal communication involves two or more individuals, it stands vital for manager to hold the skill of listening. It is this authors supposition that if a manager is willing to make a conscious effort to improve this major communication skill, then theirRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1316 Words   |  6 PagesCommunication is vital to the survival of humanity. Without communication, people tend towa rds insanity, desperately craving human interaction. Yet many, including myself, are uninterested in learning the ways of communication: how it works, how to communicate well, and how to listen well. Interpersonal communication is â€Å"†¦a transactional process involving participants who occupy different environments and create meaning and relationships through the exchange of messages,† (Adler 12). CommunicationRead MoreImportance Of Interpersonal Communication1539 Words   |  7 Pages Interpersonal communication is a face-to-face interaction, something we all do in our daily lives. Even though everyone communicates, we all do it differently and at different degrees of experiences. Not everyone will be perfectionists at communicating and socializing, but there is always room for improvement to slowly build your way up and become more efficient and competent. If you are anything like me, I consider myself an advanced communicator under certain circumstances. I tend to communicateRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1038 Words   |  5 PagesInterpersonal communication can be seen everywhere is vas locations, and is needed for relationships and the idea of yourself. In life, communication becomes very vital in continuing and maintaining these relationships, and having the ability at a competent level is a necessity.   When it comes to communication you’re either good at it or not as good, but there is always room for improvement. Interpersonal communication skills are learned behaviors that can be improved through knowledge, practiceRead MoreThe Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1032 Words   |  5 PagesCommunication is the behaviours, whether they be verbal or non-verbal, that one individual perceives from another (Judith Dwyer, 2016). The efficient communication between a sender and receiver plays a crucial role between organisations and personal use as it allows us as communicators, to comprehend the fundame ntals and processes which flow from the sender, to the receiver to ensure a dynamic and clear communication is achieved. Effective communication plays a crucial role in the delivering of messagesRead MoreThe Importance of Studying Interpersonal Communication913 Words   |  4 PagesInterpersonal communication is an important day-to-day life skill that many people may go their entire life without formally learning about. Interpersonal communication is the communication between two or more people who are sending and receiving verbal or nonverbal language back and forth. The opportunity to study it at a college level is very important in that it can give you a more refined insight into how it works without needing to breeze over or amend certain segments for the audience. WithoutRead MoreThe Art Of Communication : The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication1933 Words   |  8 Pagesaudiences. Thru these spectators, we become reliant on each other, to unfold the world around us. We all learn the art of communication through an overlapping set of conceptual elements. It’s a story as old as time; as our existence evolves, so does the way we communicate. Hence the ever-growing grey area of rhetoric and its tendency of it turning 50 shades darker. Since, communication is a multifaceted process, there are bound to be breakdowns along the way. Specifically, how an individual chooses

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